Level 1

Requirements: Be able to enter pool without parent or guardian.

This class is for beginners! Swimmers in this class have very little experience with swimming. 
Swimmers are NOT accompanied by their parents or other adults in this class*


Swimmers will learn: 

  • Breath control

  • Unassisted floating

  • Proper kicking

  • Prone and supine gliding

*Recommended 5 years of age. Exceptions of age can be made (at instructors discretion) based on individual child's maturity.

Level 2

Requirements: Perform all skills in Level 1 with minimal assistance.
Comfortable with placing their face in the water.

For the more experienced beginner, this class is ideal for Swimmers who have some experience in the water and swimming.

Swimmers will learn:

  • Combinations of Level 1 skills - proper techniques and strokes

  • To be confident

  • Safe limitations of their abilities in the water

  • Independent unassisted kicking with a kick-board. 

Level 3

Requirements: All skills of Level 1 & Level 2

Swimmers in this class should be able to kick, float on their backs unassisted, glide off the wall and execute proper breath control. Swimmers in this class will still require hands-on assistance to develop life long good swimming habits. 

Swimmers will learn:

  • Proper Olympic style strokes and techniques

  • Freestyle ("front crawl")

  • Backstroke

  • Breaststroke

  • Safety recover to back float 

Level 4

Requirements: Skills of Level 3 and be able to swim 12.5 yards without assistance.

This class is for Swimmers who have strong fundamentals of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. 

Swimmers will learn:

  • Olympic style techniques

  • Butterfly stroke

  • Flip Turns

  • Distance swimming

  • Basic water safety / life saving instruction 

Level 5

Requirements: Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle.

Swim 25+ yards without assistance.

The most advanced level. Most Swimmers who enter this level will move-on to to competitive swimming or lifeguard training.

Swimmers will learn:

  • Competitive swimming basics

  • Stroke and turn refinement

  • Diving and diving safety

  • Basic emergency assists

  • Basic rescues